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Paul B Farrell started writing & performing music at the tender age of 8. This boy from the South of England was drawn irresistibly by how music transports you to other worlds. Electronica was at the forefront for Paul, he wanted to know how the strange sounds in pop music were emanating from his radio. Some of the artists that fascinated him were Donna Summer's "I Feel Love",  Jean-Jacques Perrey's "E.V.A.", Gershon Kingsley's "Popcorn", The Rah Band's "The Crunch", The Human League's "Being Boiled", Visage's "Fade to Grey" & Ultravox's "Vienna".


Paul's parents signed him up for private music tuition, starting with clarinet & saxophone, he favored the Alto Sax. This expanded to piano, flute & music theory. 2 years later he was performing in local jazz groups & the school wind band. Being able to interact with other musicians, Paul started to build a rudimentary way of recording ideas at home. Over time he built a home studio with midi sequencers, drum machines & a mixing desk. Lots of his friends would show up wanting to jam.

One of Paul's closet collaborators was keyboardist Nicholas Marley, they performed as "Raw Sax" in local bars & clubs with a mix of electro pop & alto sax.

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